5 Reasons Your Home’s Exterior Paint Needs Updated

Exterior Painting Project
July 19, 2022
By Fresh Coat


Let’s be honest; most of us only address issues with our home when it starts to be a problem, painting included. When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, you not only want it to look nice but also serve as a layer of protection to your biggest asset. After all, the front of your house is one of the first things you and your guests see every day.

The good news is the benefits of paint go beyond just the aesthetics, and curb appeal. Your home’s exterior paint job is the first line of defense from the elements and over time your home’s paint finish may not be as vibrant or bold as it once was. If the outside of your home is a little worse for wear, it may be time to update your home with a Fresh Coat of paint.


Peeling or Cracking Paint

One of the easiest ways to spot if your home needs to be repainted is the evidence of peeling, chipping, cracked, or bubbling paint. All of these signs are like a check engine light for your home that the paint is no longer adhering to the house. 

Once the paint begins to peel away, your home becomes exposed to the outdoor elements and could cause long-lasting damage such as mold, mildew, or dry rot. Once moisture penetrates the paint film it can start to cause issues, so it’s best to get it taken care of right away.

Painting your house early before the cracks become visible from the road minimizes damage and also minimizes the need for extensive prep work like scraping flaking paint, replacing would or reapplying caulk to open seals. 


Cracks in Caulk

Caulking is typically around your doors and windows to properly seal them and protect your surfaces from damage.  Most caulking is designed to expand and contract along with your house. Over time, caulk loses its elasticity which means it is no longer doing its job. Once caulk loses its elasticity and gets brittle, it can crack and fall away. 

If the beads are hard and resistant when you press down, it is probably time to call an expert to recaulk and check for damages.If you notice any small cracks in these areas, sometimes they can be sealed by simply applying fresh caulk. If you leave these untreated it can allow for moisture to seep in which can lead to lots of damage. Larger cracks are more serious and often will need fresh caulking and a Fresh Coat of paint for an additional layer of protection.


Fading Colors

Over the years, paint colors can fade from withstanding the rain, snow, and extreme sunlight. While this isn’t a terrible problem, it can still cause your house to look dated and an eyesore. If your house is subjected to shade from trees or positioned in a way that the light doesn’t hit it all day long, the color will last a little longer.

Dark colors also fade much faster than lighter colors so you may consider picking a lighter color if you find you are painting your home more often than you would like. While shaded areas receive less sunlight, they may still require maintenance such as caulk repair and power washing. 



If there are areas around your home where it looks like the house is pulling away from window and door frames, it may be time to repair and repaint. You will most likely need to fill in any gaps with fresh caulking before you begin the process of repainting the exterior of your home.

 A professional will be able to examine your home to determine if any moisture has seeped into the wood and caused any issues. Paint maintenance over the years will protect the wood in your home from damage. However, if you are noticing any gaps or shrinking wood, have a professional come take a look for apply new paint. 


You Don’t Love the Color Anymore

If you are fortunate and your home doesn’t show any signs of damage, it still may be time to repaint. Sometimes you just want to change things up purely for aesthetic reasons. Maybe the house was painted in a trending color last time that is now starting to look a little dated. When you are ready for something new and want to give your home a Fresh Coat of paint, give the professionals at Fresh Coat Painters a call!


What Should I Look for When Hiring a Painter? 

The weather can dramatically affects your home’s exterior paint project before, during and after the project is completed. If the job is not handled in the correct way it could end up costing you a lot of time and money.

When you’re ready to paint your house, you’ll want to think about when the best time is to paint. Spring and Summer are the best times to paint your house to ensure you will have optimal weather conditions. Spring and summer time tends to be warmer which allows the paint to cure and dry properly. 

At Fresh Coat Painters, we’ve helped countless homeowners change the look and feel of their home, inside and out. Our exterior painting services use top-quality, premium products to guarantee the quality finish. 

We understand taking on an exterior painting project is a big job, so it’s always a good idea to hire professional painters to ensure you get a quality paint job to enjoy for years to come. In fact, our team often spends just as much time preparing the exterior of your home as painting it. This is crucial for long-lasting painting projects. Our team is happy to direct you to decorators that can help select the perfect color and paint type for your unique home and weather conditions. If you’re ready to get started on your next painting project, book a free-firm quote with us!