Fresh Coat Cares

Painting a brighter future by helping charities and non-profit organizations in the local communities we serve.

Owner Inspired

Fresh Coat Cares began as a single project in a single market. Eric Ascencio, owner of Fresh Coat Painters of West Houston, wanted to give back to those in his community battling cancer. A cancer patient himself, Eric saw an opportunity to help others just like him in their fight against the disease.

Eric lost his battle with cancer, but he left behind a legacy of community service that has grown far beyond Houston, TX and has touched the lives of thousands.

Owner Driven

The best part about Fresh Coat Cares is it can be whatever the community needs, whatever our owners are passionate about, or wherever the need is greatest. We have donated projects for Make-a-Wish, homes for displaced children, cancer survivors and their families, wounded veterans, camps for children with disabilities, and many more.

There have even been spin off initiatives like Doors of Hope, where a bit of color is added to the neighborhood and a portion of each sale is donated to a customer-selected local charity.