Acoustical Ceiling Panel Painting

Our special process keeps your worn, stained, or discolored acoustical ceiling tiles out of the dumpster. That's good for the environment and your budget.

It looks like paint.
It sprays like paint.

It's not actually paint though. It is a special coating from ProCoat Products called ProCoustic. Fresh Coat Painters is specially trained to apply this one of a kind, proprietary coating. The best part is it leaves your tile ceiling system better than when it was brand new.

ProCoustic Benefits

Brighter, Longer Lasting White

Brighter than latex paint and higher resistance to dirt, dust, and yellowing due to UV light. Plus, any color can be matched for your specific needs.

Acoustic Properties

Not only does ProCoustic retain the sound dampening properties of ceiling tile, it improves performance.

Ultra Low VOC

The low VOC content of ProCoustic preserves indoor air quality and satisfies Green Seal Standard GS-II requirements.

Ceiling System Remains in Place

Disruption to your business is minimized with the ability to apply ProCoat with your ceiling system in place and tiles are not left stuck to the t-bar system.

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