Brick Waterproofing

Sealing Brick and Masonry

To better protect and preserve the structural and decorative properties of brick and masonry surfaces on your home, a good power washing and professional application of a premium penetrating coating, or brick sealer, will add years of life. It's also important to have masonry waterproofing contractors regularly inspect brick and mortar surfaces. Maintenance of expansion joints with an exterior caulking will help to prevent water damage and pest intrusions that could reduce the protection effectiveness of any exterior sealing coating.

Waterproofing Benefits

Bricks are porous materials and need protection from the elements like any other building material. Maintaining your brick and masonry with a brick sealant not only ensures a long life, it reduces fading and keeps bricks looking like new.

  • Protect Brick from Water Damage
  • Reduce Cracks and Loose Mortar
  • Shield Brick and Masonry from UV Damage
  • Prevent Snow and Ice Damage
  • Add Curb Appeal and Preserve Value
  • Provides Stain Resistance
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