Concrete Ceiling Repair Services

Concrete Ceiling Repair

The secret to a successful concrete repair is using the right repair product. There are different repair materials for small vs. large cracks; horizontal vs. vertical structures; shallow vs. deep holes; and localized vs. widespread damage. One of the products of choice is a concrete crack sealant. It is designed for cracks up to 1/2 inch wide in horizontal concrete surfaces. The sealant is a concrete-colored, latex-based liquid that easily flows into ceiling cracks and is self-leveling so you don't have to smooth it with your finger or a putty knife to make it flush with the surrounding surface.

Concrete Ceiling Repair Temporary Fixes

Concrete Ceiling Repair

As a property managers or building owner, you might be tempted to resort to the least expensive fix a concrete ceilings. Often, maintenance will cover up the damage with paint or patch over the area with more concrete. These short term solutions will work temporarily but over time they can actually cause more harm than good.

Adding additional cement will not fix your concrete ceiling because cement shrinks after it dries. Covering the problem with paint will also not address the issue because the source of the problem is still there. The cracks will likely just bleed through again. In the end, shortcuts when it comes to concrete ceiling repairs often allow the problem to get worse and additional costs.

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