Professional Repairs, Assembly & Finish Work

Most homeowners have random carpentry projects around the house, but most also do not know how to start them, let alone finish them. If you are finding yourself in the same situation, know that Fresh Coat Painters can get you out of it. Our professional carpentry services are just like our painting services in that they are quick, clean, and affordably priced.

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Professional Repairs, Assembly & Finish Work

Our team is equipped with industry-leading carpentry tools and equipment to tackle any sized project with ease. Whether just one room needs some carpentry work, or you are looking to make changes all around your house, we can handle it.

The Fresh Coat Painters team of carpenters is at-the-ready to lend a professional hand with any carpentry project around your home. You can put us in charge of as much or as little of your carpentry project as want. We are here to make things easier for you, not tell you what to do.



Decorative Pieces 


Carpentry Services We Offer

Project design 

Before you can dive into a carpentry project, you need to consider all the elements that will go into it. We would be happy to discuss designs, materials, finishes, and more with you when a new carpentry project is on your to-do list.


Is a piece of wooden furniture or a wooden accent around your home looking worse for wear? It might just need some repairs that are completed by carpentry pros. If repairs are possible, then you can trust that we know how to do it without making a big mess of your property.


One of the most exciting aspects of carpentry is putting together new projects, builds, furniture, etc. Assembly is one of the carpentry services offered at Fresh Coat Painters, so you can tell our team to get to work while you rest and relax.


With the right finishing elements on a piece of woodwork, the entire piece can transform entirely. From adding intricate details to applying the right finishing coat, there are a variety of finishing methods we can discuss.


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