Fence Staining

Increase the Lifespan & Aesthetic Appeal of Your Fence

Many homeowners choose to build wooden fences around their properties and backyards. Fences are great for enhancing privacy, identifying property lines, and providing shelter from the wind. However, because they are outside in the elements, wooden fences are also highly susceptible to weather-related damage, including warping, rot, and general weathering.

Painting Done RIGHT!

Benefits of Fence Staining

There are many reasons to have your fence professional stained. While it’s possible to do it yourself, an experienced professional will be able to quickly and efficiently get you the top-quality results you want.

If your existing fence has seen better days, or you've recently had a new fence installed on your property, Fresh Coat Painters can help you with professional fence staining services. Staining your fence can not only help to protect it from the elements, it can also boost its overall appeal and aesthetic value.

Increased Fence Lifespan

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Reduce Rotting & Warping

Better Weather Protection

Whether you primarily have aesthetic reasons for wanting to stain your fence, or you need professional fence staining services to revitalize and restore your property’s fence, you can trust the experienced team at Fresh Coat Painters. As with all our services, we do everything we can to ensure that your fence staining service is as simple, affordable, and stress-free as possible. During your fence staining service, we’ll check for any damage and recommend repairs as needed.


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