Plaster Drywall Repair

Fast, Long Lasting Results for Damaged Walls

Unexpected incidents can lead to seriously damaged drywall or plaster. When an accident occurs, it’s important to correctly fix the damage in order to avoid future problems. At Fresh Coat Painters, our team of professionals is experienced in plaster and drywall repair. We have the proper tools, training, and materials to get the job done right, the first time. No matter the severity of the damage, our experts will make it look as though nothing ever happened.

Plaster & Drywall Repair Made Easy

Repairing damaged plaster, drywall, or sheetrock can be a relatively large undertaking. Many homeowners lack the proper experience to complete a drywall repair job safely and effectively. That’s where we come in—at Fresh Coat Painters, we offer complete drywall and sheetrock repair services, saving you time, money, and stress.

Our pros offer a seamless fix for even severely damaged walls. Don’t let unsightly damaged drywall or plaster persist in your home, give us a call for expert drywall and sheetrock repair service!

Our professional plaster and drywall repair services include:

  • Patching the damaged area
  • Replacing missing plaster, drywall, or sheetrock
  • Smoothing the newly repaired/replaced surface
  • Properly preparing the areaPainting over the newly repaired surface

Our Drywall Repair Service

Attempting to repair the drywall yourself can quickly turn into a major DIY project, taking more time than you expected. Investing in professional drywall repair services saves you time, money, and stress. Instead of trying to follow a video online, drywall repair and painting services guarantee a superior finish that can help to boost the value of your home.

Repairing drywall usually involves evaluating the size of the repair, removing loose debris, patching, tracing, and more. Working with a reputable drywall repair company will ensure that the repairs are carried out correctly, your new drywall looks natural, and that the repairs will stand the test of time.

So what does Fresh Cat’s drywall repair process look like? 

  • Comprehensive Consultation – The process begins with a comprehensive consultation and inspection of the existing drywall.
  • Prepping the Site Area – Removing loose debris, testing the integrity of the existing wall, and deciding on the best course of action, whether by applying spackle or tracing a new piece of drywall.
  • Fixing Your Drywall – From hanging new panels to cutting, attaching, sanding, and applying a final skim coating, our drywall repair and painting services can do it all.
  • Painting – Pair your drywall repair services with first-class painting. We provide any color or custom design for your newly-patched wall.

Lasting Solutions & Affordable Pricing

At Fresh Coat Painters, we are proud to stand behind the quality of our work. We can tackle your plaster or drywall repair needs, offering quick, long-lasting solutions and affordable rates for a stress-free experience. Our team uses only the highest quality products and materials for all our repair services, including premium, low-odor paint. All of our painters are fully screened, bonded, and insured and we always arrive on time, ready to get to work.

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​​Drywall Repair Services FAQs

How much does it cost to purchase drywall repair near me?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Every job is different, and it’s best to get in touch with Fresh Coat Painters for an estimate. Your quote will depend on whether you need a small or large repair, including any additional painting services. During our consultation process, we’ll give you an in-depth plaster repair service quote and explain every charge so you know what you’re paying for.

Do you offer drywall repair and painting services near me?

Fresh Coat Painters is one of the largest networks of contractors specializing in painting and drywall repair services in the country, with 175 markets served. If you’re not sure whether we service your area, visit our company locations page or contact us for more information.

How do I know it’s time to start looking for drywall and plaster wall repair near me?

Not sure you need to hire plaster repair services? While minor holes may be patched by yourself, sometimes it’s best to enlist the help of the experts. Most homeowners start an online search for a “drywall repair company near me” when the damage becomes substantial, but it’s essential to address the damage the moment it becomes apparent to prevent it from getting worse. Common signs that it’s time to start searching for “plaster repair near me” include cracks, sagging, bubbles, and soft or hollow-sounding walls. If you notice any of these signs, call the professionals at Fresh Coat.

What are the most common types of drywall damage?

The most common types of drywall damage include mold, scrapes, water damage, and impact damage. If you’ve experienced any of these problems, professional drywall repair services can restore the appearance of your wall.