Modern Garage Paint Ideas to Give Your Space a New Look!

garage paint colors
May 24, 2023
By Fresh Coat


Achieve the Perfect Upgrade with These Garage Paint Ideas 

It’s a space in the home that’s often overlooked. It can also be low on the priority list for many homeowners considering renovations. However, a garage, whether attached or unattached, can add as much as $25,000 to the value of your home.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and upgrade your garage, you probably already know this. But as with any home improvement project, it must be tastefully done for you to reap the rewards. Thankfully, simply applying a new coat of paint can make a huge difference.

Still feeling that modernizing your garage might be a daunting task? No need to worry. This article provides some garage paint ideas for your walls and cabinets. In addition, color options for your garage door and floor are also discussed, which will inspire you! 

Garage floor paint ideas

Garage Floor Paint Ideas 

If you’re like the almost 75% of homeowners polled by the Wall Street Journal, you use your garage for parking your vehicles. That requires substantial floor space, especially if you have more than one car.

This large surface area naturally becomes the focal point when you enter your garage. It’s even more evident when your cars are not occupying the space. Therefore, you’ll want to keep it in mind when choosing garage paint colors. Doing this ensures your garage floor stands out for all the right reasons. 

Some of the more practical garage paint ideas for flooring involve using dark colors. Darker hues are better at masking stains and hiding dirt. 

Does a monotone option seem boring? You might prefer a brighter color or textured flooring that includes decorative patterns. Regardless of where you land on the color spectrum, ensure the color of your garage floor complements your walls and cabinets.

Garage door paint ideas

Garage Wall Paint Ideas 

Garages are certainly not the hub of the home like most kitchens. It’s also more challenging to include unique touches that can highlight your personality than in another room, like a bedroom. But the colors you choose within this space are as important as those for other areas of your home.

Whether using your garage as a workshop, a car maintenance space, or to hang out with friends or family, you’ll want to choose your interior garage wall paint colors carefully.

Opt for warm, uplifting colors that make the space open and airy. Gray garage walls can achieve this effect. They’re easy to clean, and there are many shades of gray to choose from depending on the color of your floors and cabinets. Lighter gray is one of the more popular garage colors, along with white and neutral shades.

Other garage paint ideas for your walls include using accent colors like blue or red to brighten the space. You can also choose a hue that complements your car’s color.

garage paint colors

Garage Cabinet Paint Ideas 

Their interiors are perfect for storing many household items. But just because they’re practical doesn’t mean the exterior of your garage cabinets needs to be boring. Perhaps your cabinets can be the perfect backdrop to reflect your personality in this unique space.

Neutral colors are also a popular choice for garage cabinets. However, if you’ve chosen to go with a gray garage, you might want to select a cabinet color that stands out. Simply ensure it perfectly complements the shade of gray you’ve chosen. Blue, especially one with gray undertones, can also be a great choice. 

Varnished cabinetry creates a more natural look. It also emphasizes the unique designs in the wood. Some of the more modern garage paint ideas are not for the faint of heart. But, if you’re adventurous, a bold red provides a surprising balance to more muted wall colors. 

Whatever color you choose, don’t overlook the cabinet trim and hardware. It makes a massive difference in the aesthetic appeal of your garage cabinets.   

Garage door paint ideas

Garage Door Paint Ideas 

Your garage door is just as much a focal point as your garage floor, or even more so. When closed, it’s the first thing someone notices when approaching your home or walking up your driveway. 

Your chosen color can be bold yet inviting but should never overshadow your front door. Tempted to use the same color for both? Experts don’t recommend this unless you want a monochromatic exterior. Unless this is your aesthetic, the aim should be to ensure the color you choose complements the exterior color of your home.

Classic colors that have remained popular over the years include:

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Taupe or beige
  • Barnyard red 
  • Wood or a varnished finish

White, of course, is still traditional and a popular choice among garage colors.

Garage wall paint ideas

Tips for Choosing Garage Paint Colors 

When thinking of garage color ideas, start by getting inspired. Drive around your neighborhood or search online for ideas. You might see colors you have yet to consider used in exciting ways. But don’t let your search become overwhelming. 

Think of your garage. Think of the way you want to feel or want others to feel when they enter the space. Narrow down your paint color options based on this. Some other factors that may help during this stage of the process include:

  • How you will be using your garage
  • The color of your car
  • The lighting in your garage
  • The level of maintenance required to upkeep specific colors
  • The effect of the colors on your mood
  • How the colors blend with the rest of your home

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, get samples and test them against the lighting in your space. Interchange the color samples you’ve chosen for your wall with the ones you’ve selected for your cabinets and flooring. Select two for each element. 

Use the two options you’ve chosen for each and paint large samples. For example, painting a part of your wall closest to your cabinets and flooring will allow you to see the effect of each color against the other. Making your final selection should be easier after doing this.

Take this time to choose your countertops and the hardware for your cabinets as well. Doing this can help ensure they work well with your selected colors.

Garage door paint ideas

How Fresh Coat Painters Can Help 

Only 11% of homeowners are satisfied with their garage and wouldn’t consider doing any upgrades. Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re not one of them, and that’s okay. However, starting this type of home improvement project can sometimes be overwhelming.

There are several tricky elements involved. Each of these entails choosing the right color. You won’t only need to consider colors for your garage walls, cabinets, and flooring. You’ll also need to ensure they complement one another. Even a paint job in a small space can be quite an investment, so you’ll want to ensure you get it right. 

Can’t come up with garage paint ideas perfect for your space? Or maybe color selection isn’t your specialty? If so, it might be best to consult with an expert.

Fresh Coat Painters garage painting services can help! We’ll make the process seamless —no matter what the project entails. We’ll provide you with options and help you make the best selection for your space. Then we’ll present you with a beautiful finished product. You’ll be so impressed your garage might become the new hub of your home. Contact us to get started today!