Green Kitchen Cabinets: Paint Ideas For Kitchen Upgrade

Green Kitchen Cabinet
May 12, 2023
By Fresh Coat


Green Kitchen Cabinets: 16 Shades That Will Infuse New Life Into Any Kitchen

White has always been a timeless choice for kitchen cabinets. But it can become mundane and ordinary. You might be ready for a change if you feel the same way about your white cabinets.

How about green kitchen cabinets? The latest home decor trends highlight it as a fantastic color for modern kitchens. That isn’t surprising, considering green symbolizes renewal, regeneration, and new life. It also conveys balance, harmony, and peace, making it a perfect color to transform your space. 

But what’s the perfect shade of green that will achieve this? Read on to learn about some of the more popular tints on this trendy color palette. One of them is sure to inspire you!

green kitchen cabinets

16 Ideas for Green Kitchen Cabinets 

Are you sold on transitioning to a green kitchen but need help deciding which shade to choose for perfect green cabinets? Ultimately, the green you choose will depend on several factors, including:

  • The design and size of your kitchen
  • Your kitchen’s lighting
  • The color of your walls, countertop, and backsplash
  • The mood you want to create in the space

Here are a few you can opt for based on these elements:

1. Forest Green

The lucky Feng Shui color for the year will bring balance to your home. Whether or not you follow this traditional Chinese practice, forest green is a rich tone that can add warmth to any kitchen. It’s an excellent shade for green cabinets in a kitchen. White walls and dark countertops complete this crisp, pristine look. 

2. Sharp Green

Pantone’s Autumn/Winter 2023/2024 color palette includes sharp green. It’s an unconventional color with a bright yellow/green hue that will make your cabinets stand out. Stainless steel appliances can bring balance to this vibrant color. But even toned down, your cabinets will still create positive energy throughout the room.

3. Light Green

Light green kitchen cabinets can make a small kitchen feel more significant. The white tint in this shade reflects light, making the space brighter. It’s a great alternative to white, making a small room feel less cramped.

4. Earthy Green

Inspired by nature, this shade of green blends well with natural wood elements. It’s perfect if you’re going for an organic farmhouse finish. Use white walls to brighten the space and add earthenware and natural accent pieces to bring the various elements in the room together.  

pea green kitchen cabinets

5. Pea Green

It’s this year’s response to avocado green, which was a popular kitchen color in the 70s. Pea green, however, has a more modern sophistication. Pulling off this look is easy by pairing your pea green cabinets with the right accessories.

6. Farm Fresh Green

This is a vivid color that’s perfect for a farmhouse-styled kitchen. It creates a homely, pleasant ambiance, making your kitchen feel lighter and playful. 

7. Two-Toned Green 

You can also pair various shades of green together. Mix and match your flooring and walls to suit the tone of your green cabinets. You can also go with the contrast of a green and black kitchen or opt for one with shades of green with white accents. 

pastel green cabinets

8. Pastel Green

Introduce spring into your home all year round with this color. It’s warm and welcoming. Including eclectic elements that complement your cabinets can give your kitchen a cozy feel.

9. Sapling Green

If you’re still on the fence about green kitchen cabinets, ideas incorporating sapling green might be a good compromise for you. It’s an understated shade of green that easily blends with more neutral hues. It’s one way to ease into the color pool before diving into more vivid greens. 

10. Emerald Green

There’s a reason it’s named after a gem. This deep rich color creates a feeling of luxury in any kitchen. It’s also a great choice if you prefer lacquer cabinetry.

11. Grassy Green

It’s one of the colors of spring. It’s playful yet subtle but brings vibrant, light energy to your space. Pair with dark countertops and white trimming for a neat, classic look. 

dusty green cabinets

12. Dusty Green

Dusty green is a beautiful color that works well in any modern kitchen. It exudes warmth and coziness when paired with contemporary fixtures and accent pieces.

13. Olive Green

Olive green kitchen cabinets aren’t an ideal color choice for smaller spaces. It doesn’t reflect much light and can create a dark shadow, making a smaller kitchen seem cramped. However, it has the opposite effect in a larger kitchen. Depending on the accents, it fills the space and looks rustic or regal. You can opt for deep olive for a more modern finish.

14. Juniper Green

Juniper green cabinets can give your kitchen a classic feel. It can be reminiscent of a kitchen from another century but with modern finishes. It’s a beautiful color that stands out when paired with brass accents. 

sage green cabinets

15. Sage Green

Sage green kitchen cabinets can effortlessly fill the space in your kitchen from ceiling to floor. It’s an understated color that isn’t brash but has a subtle, elegant finish in a well-laid-out room.

16. Mint Green 

Mint green kitchens have a crisp, fresh look reminiscent of spring. It’s a highly versatile color with a brighter and more airy feel when paired with white. Dark accents can give it a more modern, sleek finish. Try pairing either layout with brass hardware for a charming finish.

green kitchen cabinets

Get Green Kitchen Cabinets with Fresh Coat Painters 

You’ve finally landed on the perfect shade of green kitchen cabinets. Now what’s the next step? It’s having your current cabinets transformed into your vision.

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