10 Painting Ideas for Bathroom Walls

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Bathrooms, often overlooked in the world of home decor, have evolved far beyond their utilitarian roots. They’re no longer merely functional spaces but have transformed into sanctuaries of relaxation, tranquility, and self-care. When creating the perfect oasis within our homes, every detail counts. One of the most impactful ways to breathe life and personality into your bathroom is by choosing the right color palette for bathrooms.

From subtle and serene color palettes that evoke spa-like serenity to bold and expressive choices that make a striking statement, we're here to guide you through your bathroom makeover. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat, a burst of color, or a touch of elegance, our painting ideas for bathrooms will help you unlock your bathroom's full potential. 

How to Choose a Bathroom Paint Color

Do you want a cool or warm-tone bathroom? Are you searching for something classic or more unique and modern? With so many colors to choose from, there's almost too much variety. 

Your first step should be to nail down your concept. Knowing what you want to express will help you decide on a color. Let's talk about how to choose bathroom paint colors that suit your home’s needs.  

Decide on an Aesthetic

Your aesthetic is all about you. What inspires you? What speaks to you? What do you want to share with others who see this room? Thinking about your aesthetic can give you an anchor for all your design decisions — not just what paint you decide to use for your bathroom. Once you have an aesthetic in mind, you can narrow down your paint color choices. 

Look At Trending Colors

Take a look at trending colors for bathrooms and see if any of them align with your aesthetic. There's usually a reason these colors are popular — they tend to follow what's new and fresh while also being appropriate for bathroom spaces. You don't have to pick one of the more modern colors for bathrooms, but it's still a great way to kickstart your brainstorming. 

Consider an Accent Wall

Popular bathroom paint colors might be too much and overwhelm your space, especially if you’re working with a smaller bathroom. Don’t worry — you can still add a pop of color with an accent wall! Accent walls allow you to use more traditional colors while still introducing a splash of color as a focal point. It's one of the more common two-toned bathroom paint ideas as it can help highlight your bathroom's unique detailing, such as beautiful fixtures or the color of the sink. 

Think About Lighting

You'll still want to think practically when deciding between painting ideas for bathroom walls. You may be excited about a beautiful paint color that just won't fit well in your bathroom due to the lighting. That's why it's always best practice to perform a swatch test to make sure the color agrees with your lighting. Read our blog to learn more about how lighting affects paint colors

Consider the Bathroom's Size

Some colors can make a space look bigger or smaller. Consider your bathroom’s size and determine what effect you want your paint to have. For example, homeowners with larger bathrooms may want to add darker colors that help the space feel cozier. However, those with smaller bathrooms should avoid dark colors and opt for something light and airy that makes the space feel larger. 

Look to Nature for Inspiration

Many people want their bathrooms to have a calming vibe, and nothing is more soothing than the organic colors found in nature. If you’re not sure what your bathroom vibe is, you can’t go wrong with colors that remind you of fresh-cut grass, a salty ocean breeze, or your favorite flower. Not to mention, these colors are easy to pair with decor like plants and woven baskets for a little extra flair. Draw From The Rest of Your Home

Remember that other areas of your home already speak to your design aesthetic. You can always go into other rooms you love and pull inspiration from the color schemes, even if it's not the color of the room itself. Remember, however, that not all colors fit as well in bathrooms as in other rooms. You also don't want to match rooms exactly — give each room a separate identity while ensuring your home’s overall aesthetic is cohesive. 

Know What Colors to Avoid

There aren't necessarily any wrong painting ideas for bathroom walls, but some are going to feel more right than others. Loud, bold colors like orange, black, red, and bright yellow typically don’t look good in most bathrooms (unless you’re intentionally going for an eclectic and bold aesthetic). 

At Fresh Coat Painters, we know that the sheer number of paint colors out there can be overwhelming. Our team are color-matching experts, and we can help you find the perfect look. Request a free quote for our interior house painting services and let our team of experts help you create a soothing oasis in the middle of your home! 


10 Painting Ideas for Bathroom Walls


Keeping all of the above in mind, there are nearly endless color combinations to choose from! So if you're still searching for inspiration for your bathroom, we've got you covered. Here are some classic painting ideas for bathroom walls to help get you inspired. 

painting ideas for bathroom walls
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If you’re looking for a more distinct color that’s as versatile as your neutrals, lavender is an excellent choice. Everyone knows that the smell of lavender itself is very soothing, so using it in a room can give it that immediate sense of serenity you're looking for. It also makes a terrific accent wall, as it’s colorful without being abrasive.



Blue is one of the most popular bathroom colors, so there's no way this list would be complete without it! Known for its calming effect, using shades of blue in your bathroom can help you de-stress. Lighter blues with hints of green can create a spa-like environment, while bolder, darker shades like navy can be intense and dramatic — especially if you plan to play with the lighting.

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Emerald Green

Similar to golden yellow, people associate emerald green with nature, which can be very energizing and inspiring. However, the jewel tones in emerald green give it that pop of luxurious boldness that can transform a bathroom. Just be sure to keep in mind that the more yellow-toned greens you choose, the more energy they bring, while bluer greens have a more calming effect.

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Many people believe they need to avoid bright reds and oranges, but their lighter variations are fair game when it comes to painting ideas for bathroom walls. In fact, they can bring an unexpected light, fun, and airy vibe to your bathroom. A good example is coral, a pinkish-orange that is both vintage and modern. It has warm undertones and the color isn't too intense, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer to be a bit bolder with their home decor.

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While this color may not sound the most exciting, gray continues to be the pillar of versatility among the most common bathroom colors. It looks classic and elegant in any bathroom style, blends well with all aesthetics, and gives you opportunities to play with shapes and patterns. Gray can also be a backdrop if you have other elements you'd rather emphasize in your bathroom, like a unique vanity or shower curtain.



Mint shares some characteristics with the other greens mentioned, but its signature blue coolness means it gets its own spot on this list. Mint combines blue, green, and gray to make your bathroom the perfect balance of both vibrant and calming. Additionally, there’s an association of mint colors with freshness and cleanliness, making it perfect for a space like the bathroom.

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Golden Yellow

It’s no secret that yellow is a cheerful and warm tone. Adding a golden hue can automatically make your bathroom feel warm, comforting and inviting. Yellows can be somewhat intense in larger spaces, but they work exceptionally well in smaller spaces, giving the bathroom a fresh vibe. However, don’t go too bright with your yellow tones — a quieter, golden yellow prevents is better for bathrooms than the loud brilliance you'd get from a more citrusy color.


Clean White

White may not seem like the most exciting color but sometimes, things are classic for a good reason! White is a classic color that looks phenomenal in all bathrooms. It's convenient in spaces that don't get as much natural light or if you want the room to feel larger. Its versatility allows you to add pops of color with other home decor items, like elegant vases, potted plants, or bold-patterned hand towels. 

Create Your Dream Bathroom with Fresh Coat Painters

Once you've decided on the right color, it’s time to call in the professionals to turn your bathroom into your own personal oasis. 

At Fresh Coat Painters, we know how important every space in your home is — even the small ones like bathrooms. Our professional interior house painters can help you decide on the right color to paint your bathroom and make sure you’re 100% satisfied with a flawless paint job. Contact us today and get a free quote for your next project!