The Top Sun Room Paint Ideas to Enhance Your Space

sun room paint ideas
April 18, 2023
By Fresh Coat


The Best Sunroom Colors and Designs to Transform Any Space  

People use their sunrooms for various purposes. The lure of natural sunlight spilling in through wall-to-wall windows draws every family member into a sunroom through all four seasons. It is a place to enjoy the outdoors when it is too hot or cold to go outside. Applying the right sun room paint ideas will also help make the room an appealing space to relax and re-energize.

If you already have a sunroom, you know that they can add additional living space and increase your home’s value. No doubt you also appreciate the versatility of your sunroom. It can be used as a home office, personal yoga and meditation space, a playroom for the kids, and so much more. 

There are no strict rules about how to get the most from a sunroom, but if you’ve chosen sunroom colors that are dull or dated, you may find yourself avoiding this extra space. 

On the other hand, refreshing the area with beautiful, updated colors is a budget-friendly way to reclaim that square footage and enjoy your home to the fullest. 

sun room paint ideas

What is the Best Sunroom Color?

Because the focus of a sunroom is the windows and the light they bring into a home, there isn’t typically a lot of wall space to paint. That doesn’t mean sunroom color schemes aren’t necessary. In fact, choosing the best color is one of the most impactful decisions you can make. 

There are two primary considerations when choosing sunroom wall colors. First, the color should coordinate with or complement the colors in the rest of the home. Too often, the sunroom looks like the odd extra space that doesn’t flow with the rest of the house. This is especially true when the sunroom is added on later. Good paint color choices can connect an awkward space with the rest of the home and improve the overall flow. 

The second consideration is visual appeal. If your sunroom windows overlook gorgeous landscaping or sweeping natural views, you don’t want the paint color to detract from the beautiful surroundings. 

On the other hand, if the room itself is the feature (and not necessarily the view it provides), you may want to punch up the color to increase the structure’s visual appeal.

sun room paint ideas

What About a White Sunroom?

Most sunrooms are modestly sized spaces. As such, people looking for sun room paint ideas to make the room look larger naturally gravitate to white. A white room filled with sunshine is a beautiful thing. White paint will help reflect the colors of the landscape outside the sunroom and looks slightly different through each season. 

White is a fresh, clean, and serene color. A white sunroom will look cheery and bright even on cloudy days. However, getting the right shade of white isn’t always easy.

Tips for choosing the right white for your space include:

  • Choose a warm white if the other paint tones and materials in your home are warm
  • Select a cool white if the paint tones in your home are cool or deeply saturated colors
  • Pure white is the most versatile shade of white and will make accent colors appear brighter
  • Place paint samples on every wall to see how moving light sources affect them throughout the day and night

If you’re having trouble determining cool whites from warm whites, compare the paint chip sample to a sheet of plain printing paper. Warm whites have yellow or orange undertones, while cool whites have undertones of blue or green. Seeing samples next to the pure white piece of paper will help you confidently identify the undertones.

All White or White with Splashes of Color? 

When selecting sun room paint colors, it’s also essential to consider the furnishings and decorative accents. White paint makes a stunning background for pops of bright colors in pillows, upholstery, and other decor. If lighter shades are preferred, rest assured that a more subdued palette will play nicely with white walls.

Neutral tones like beige and gray add a sophisticated natural flair to a white room, while pastels create a soft, shabby chic look when mixed with white.

If it fits into the general style of your home, you can’t go wrong with an all-white sunroom. White walls paired with white furnishings and accessories are a timeless look. Don’t worry about matching accessory colors to the wall color. Too much of the same white tone can make the room look washed out and dull. Instead, choose different shades of white in the decor to create more visual interest.

sun room paint ideas

Top-Selling Sunroom Paint Colors

If whites and neutrals aren’t your thing, you can still have a fantastic-looking sunroom with colors that fit your style. Bold colors are popular options because they draw attention to a sometimes-overlooked space and can complement or contrast with the colors of the surrounding landscape. Take a look at some of the top-selling sunroom paint colors for inspiration.


What could be better in a sunroom than the color of the sun itself? Yellow is one of the most popular colors for sunroom paint because it is happy, bright, and still looks cheerful on a gray day. A pale shade of yellow will work beautifully in a room with lots of natural materials like brick, wood, and wicker. Go for a saturated gold tone of yellow if you love to live boldly.

Blue Shades

Almost any shade of blue will complement the surrounding greenery and help make your sunroom look more like an outdoor patio. Blue is also a calming color that will help keep the room’s vibe serene. Consider turquoise blues for a tropical touch or subdued sky blues for a more natural look. 


If you prefer warm sunroom paint colors, don’t shy away from browns. Brown is a rich and cozy color, but it can read dark and drab in the wrong context. However, it’s excellent for sunrooms. All the natural light streaming in will highlight the warm glow of almost any shade of brown. If you’re looking for unexpected sun room paint ideas, consider an earthy tone of brown.


Long gone are the days when neutral colors were considered boring. Neutrals like tan, beige, taupe, and gray are classic and lend an air of sophistication to any room. When using neutral paints and furnishing, include textured materials in the accessories and furnishings to amplify the visual appeal.

sun room paint ideas

Sunroom Color Schemes

It’s easier to select sunroom paint colors with a clear decorating scheme in mind. A color scheme is a combination of colors, which is sometimes referred to as a color palette. Having a color scheme to reference is very helpful when shopping for furnishings and accessories.

The palette for your sunroom painting ideas will probably fall into one of the following categories:

  • Monochromatic — using several shades, tints, and tones of the same color
  • Complementary — using colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel, such as green and red
  • Analogous — using a grouping of three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as yellow, yellow-orange, and orange
  • Triadic — using colors that are equal distance apart on the color wheel, such as yellow, red, and blue

If you’re unfamiliar with these terms or how to develop a color scheme using these simple design tools, find examples of a traditional color wheel online or buy an inexpensive color wheel at a craft store for reference. Once you understand how colors work together, you can confidently expand your sunroom painting ideas.

Use a Mix of Vibrant Colors

When mixing bright colors, stick with either a complementary or analogous method for the best results. Putting too many colors together can confuse the eye, especially in a small area like a sunroom.

Nature Color Scheme

Nature-inspired colors are more likely to be analogous. For example, when you closely examine a single “pink” flower, you actually see many shades of pink, orange, and red, colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Consider the colors that are most noticeable outside the sunroom windows. 

Choose paint colors that blend with the natural landscape to make your sunroom look like it is part of the outdoor environment.


Pastels are light in color but can be bold in impact. Pastel paint provides a calm, soothing background for brighter accessories, or you can play up the serenity of a pastel by sticking with a monochromatic color scheme.

sun room paint ideas

Paint Your Sunroom with Fresh Coat Painters

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