5 Unexpected Fall Colors For Your Kitchen

Unexpected Fall Colors

What are Fall Colors?

Refresh your kitchen with natural tones inspired by the autumn season. As the fall weather approaches, we’re using rich and vibrant color shades to capture its essence with five unexpected fall colors for your kitchen. From the soft pale skies to the warm hue of fallen leaves, we’re sharing our favorite fall color schemes to elevate your home.

Bring the warm and cozy ambiance of the autumn season into your home. Inspired by the fall landscape, these unexpected fall colors are guaranteed to elevate your living space and beautify your kitchen.

When you think of fall-themed colors you might imagine a warm color palette, full of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows as the focal point. While these are popular, we're venturing beyond the basics. Let’s explore some unexpected fall colors inspired by the natural hues of the season and draw inspiration from our favorite autumn elements.

There are nearly endless kitchen color combinations to choose from. For a truly unique and captivating color design for your kitchen, consider a color scheme that evokes the coziness of a cabin retreat. To transform your space into a peaceful oasis, consider cooler shades like pale blues and soft grays to emulate the crisp autumn weather. If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, try bolder tones to embrace the spooky season.

We can help you achieve your ideal fall aesthetic with paint colors that capture the timeless spirit of the season's festivities. Here are five unexpected fall colors to do just that. 

Interior design for your kitchen

Creating The Perfect Fall Color Scheme


To get a fresh look this season, we’ll need to think outside the box. Consider mixing and matching different shades to evoke a playful and lively atmosphere. Explore your creativity by adding surprising splashes of color into your kitchen cabinets, walls, and island with these unexpected fall colors.

unexpected fall colors for your kitchen

Navy Blue

Start your mornings in a space that evokes tranquility and comfort. Introduce navy blue accents into your kitchen to bring the cool feel of autumn indoors.

To add a layer of sophistication to your space, pair light neutrals with navy blue for an eye-catching contrast. The combination of these paint colors can help capture the essence of crisp and chilly autumn nights, bringing a touch of nature into your home.

fall kitchen colors


Embrace fall’s earthy elements when you paint your walls beige. This shade effortlessly keeps your home looking soft and cozy while remaining modern and sleek. Whether you’re baking apple-pie or carving pumpkins, this will set the scene for your favorite fall feasts and festivities.

With beige walls, you can easily incorporate other fall colors and natural elements such as warm brown accents, burnt orange decor, and leafy green plants to complete the cozy and inviting atmosphere.

fall kitchen colors


Fall is the perfect time to revamp your home decor with cool and calming tones. Gray is a popular choice for its simplicity and elegance, resembling the serene pale skies of the fall season. Since cloudy days are more common this time of year, you may choose gray for its cool undertone which reflects natural lighting.

This color creates a soothing and welcoming atmosphere in your home, making it the perfect backdrop for your fall-themed gatherings. So, brighten your space with a gray to get the comfortable space you've always wanted.

fall kitchen colors


Fall is the perfect season to showcase the natural wood in your home. Consider pairing your wood with a cream color scheme this autumn.

The combination of the light, neutral cream tones with the rich, golden tones of the wood will create a cozy cabin-like feel that's perfect for the autumn season. The contrast between the two shades will leave your space looking radiant. So if you're looking to add some seasonal charm to your home, try including natural wood and cream colors into your decor this fall.

unexpected fall colors for your kitchen


Get the modern and timeless feel this fall while embracing the spooky season of Halloween. Infuse black into your kitchen design this autumn. This classic color choice will evoke a contemporary feel while adding a touch of drama to your space.

With black accents and finishes, you can create a sleek and stylish look that is sure to enhance your home's aesthetic appeal. So, get into the spirit while ensuring your home stands out for all the right reasons.

How to Incorporate Fall Colors For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets Colors

Not sure where to begin? Your kitchen cabinets are the perfect starting point! This eye-catching element serves as the foundation for your interior design. Whether you opt for light neutrals to create a calming space or dark hues to make a bold statement, choosing the perfect cabinet color is essential.

Kitchen Wall Colors

Selecting the right color for your kitchen walls may feel like a daunting task. So, let your kitchen cabinets serve as an anchor for your design decisions. This pairing should seamlessly blend your space together. Whether you decide to complement or contrast these color shades, the perfect match will create harmony in your home.

Kitchen Island Colors

Don't limit your color choices to your cabinets and walls. With autumn in full swing, embrace the season with daring and adventurous pops of color. Add some depth and personality to your space with your kitchen island. This often overlooked approach is a simple way to completely transform your home.

So, ditch the remodel and revamp your kitchen with a Fresh Coat of paint. Create the perfect backdrop for this season’s festivities while creating the cozy and inviting atmosphere you’ve always wanted. Embrace the autumn ambiance while giving your space a timeless feel. Try these 5 unexpected fall colors for your kitchen.

Transform Your Space with Fresh Coat Painters

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We understand that the kitchen is the heart of your home, and we aim to make it an inviting place for you to spend time in. So, if you're ready to fall in love with your kitchen this autumn, Fresh Coat Painters is here to help with these unexpected fall colors.

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five unexpected fall colors for your kitchen