Calming Blue Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

calming blue paint colors for your bedroom

Could your bedroom do with a little more zen? Calming blue paint colors can make all the difference. The best bedroom paint colors promote relaxation and comfort, with soft, soothing colors, cozy bedding, and minimal clutter to create a peaceful and inviting space for rest and rejuvenation.


With that in mind, we’ve compiled 18 calming shades of blue so you can truly relax in the bedroom of your dreams.

The Power of Blue

Why is blue perfect for bedrooms? Science has proven that the color blue has calming effects. Psychology Today reports that blue makes people feel more comfortable and happy. Perhaps it’s the association with blue skies or serene landscapes, but it’s a universally popular color associated with relaxation. adds some insight into how color affects sleep. People associate blue with relaxation, making it an ideal fit for bedrooms. It’s a common sentiment that people sleep better and longer in blue-painted rooms. There’s even research indicating that the color blue can lower heart rate and blood pressure. 

Blue certainly has a de-stressing effect, whether for profound psychological reasons or because it reminds people of a clear sky and good times. The room where you lay your head at night should undoubtedly be where the day's stress melts away.

Calming Blue Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your own personal oasis that promotes the calm comfortable space you deserve. The room where you lay your head at night should undoubtedly be where the day's stress melts away. So, why is blue perfect for bedrooms? Science has proven that the color blue has calming effects. With that in mind, we’ve compiled 18 calming shades of blue so you can truly relax in the bedroom of your dreams.

calming paint color for bedroom

Nothing Mild About This Blue

Don’t let the name fool you, Mild Blue can have a dramatic effect on your bedroom. This shade is medium-light blue and falls on the purple-gray side of the color spectrum. Like a cloudy day, this muted color creates a sense of peace and shelter. This calming blue color has universal appeal, whether for a guest bedroom or your own.

Azure Tide 

Azure Tide creates a cozy ambiance like the night sky after twilight. And the best part? This dark blue-gray color goes well with everything. Keep it homey with dark wooden furniture, or lighten the bedroom with light gray accents. Azure Tide is a stunning and calming paint color for a bedroom that will make you feel like you’re sleeping under the stars on a crisp summer night.

calming blue paint colors for your bedroom

Dew Drop

This light blue-gray Dew Drop shade is an ultra-versatile paint color. While the underlying gray is calming, this blue will feel like a gentle lift on the palette. Bring out its color with other shades of blue and white in your bedroom decor. If you typically gravitate towards grays, this is an excellent choice for keeping with your preference while adding a touch of color. A light blue like this will make even the smallest bedrooms feel more open. 

Swimming in Blue

This light, cool, refreshing blue sits at the intersection of teal and aqua. The green undertone will make any bedroom feel fresh and alive. Aptly named, Swimming is perfect for a beachy bedroom when paired with sandy or cream-colored accessories. It’s great for a pastel bedroom when paired with other complementary shades. You could also use this bright color for a kids’ bedroom

calming blue paint colors for your bedroom

Bring the Outdoors in with Open Air Blue

Cool and soothing, Open Air is reminiscent of a breezy sky on a bright spring morning. It’s the perfect option if you’re used to white walls and don’t want to go for too much color saturation. Easy to coordinate with other calming blue paint colors, this pale blue can look gray in certain lighting. Use yellow-toned lighting to warm the space, or embrace this color’s natural coolness to unwind and destress. 

Salty Dog

Instead of going for a dramatic bedspread, try this stunning shade of navy for bedroom walls or an accent wall. Nothing will soothe you to sleep quite like the rich, velvety, enveloping midnight-blue, Salty Dog. This deep, dark variation of royal blue is incredibly gorgeous when paired with cream, white, or gray. Gold touches like tassels, light fixtures, and pillows bring out the elegance in this soothing paint color.  

calming blue paint colors for your bedroom

Refreshing Rain

This medium blue treads the line between dusty and bright depending upon the light. Don’t be fooled by its name — there’s nothing dreary about this shade. Sunshine beaming through the windows creates a bright, uplifted atmosphere. Bedroom walls won’t feel overpoweringly bright when the curtains are drawn at night. This shade looks great from day to night, no matter the season. 

Dive into Tranquility with Atmospheric Blue 

A bit more warm blue than the Open Air shade, this peaceful blue paint is a light-to-medium hue. It sets the tone for a happy and calm bedroom. Atmospheric pairs well with fresh, natural colors like beige and green. Alternatively, give your bedroom more dimension with lighter blues, a light contrasting yellow, and dark blue-gray accents. 

calming blue paint colors for your bedroom

Reach for the Stars with Stargazer Blue 

One of the most popular calming blue paint colors for a bedroom, Stargazer is a mid-tone dusty gray-blue with a subtle hint of green. This color is ideal if you’re drawn to the darker shades but don’t want to go too dark. Brighten this soothing blue with complimentary shades of white, beige, or gray. It’s also easy to coordinate with many other colors, so get creative with your decor! 


This light blue-gray is one of the most versatile soothing colors for the bedroom. When hanging paintings or curtains, any color will pop against the soothing neutral, Jubilee. Coordinate the bedroom set with a similarly colored throw blanket or sheets. Though it’s called Jubilee, this color is not forcibly bright. It sets the scene for simplicity and serenity, perfect for relaxing after a long day.  

calming blue paint colors for your bedroom

Bathe In Blue

Bathe Blue is a coastal-inspired hue that’s perfect for any bedroom. With a touch of mint green, this aqua-teal blue is another great candidate for a beachy vibe. It’s vibrant and lively to start your morning off right, but not so bright that it would disrupt sleep. Appropriately named, this blue brings joy and relaxation to any sleeping area. 

Loyal Blue  

This saturated, medium-blue indigo is reminiscent of the dusk sky’s reflection upon a lake. It’s deep and restful, yet full of personality. This medium hue creates a cozy, cave-like place to rest, especially when paired with white or cream decor. If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom with a touch of elegance, you can’t go wrong with Loyal Blue

calming blue paint colors for your bedroom

Embrace Luxury with Embellished Blue

The name says it all about this stunning shade of calming blue. This light, minty-green blue brings a relaxing vibe to any bedroom. Though it has a warm undertone, it reveals brightening tones with a slight hint of gray. That makes bedroom walls look bright in the morning sun and more muted at night — perfect for restoring a healthy sleep cycle. 

Anything but Languid Blue

Languish in your bedroom with this stunning Languid Blue shade! This dark teal perfectly combines green, gray, and blue into one bedroom wall color. Teal is universally relaxing because it combines green and blue, reflecting the colors of the planet Earth. Sherwin-Williams gently tones it down with echoes of shadowy gray. More earthy than airy, lean into the depth of this color with taupe, chestnut, and charcoal decor.

calming blue paint colors for your bedroom

Indigo Batik

Fall asleep to this smokey navy and enjoy cozy dreams all night long. This soothing indigo shade looks great with other saturated colors, such as goldenrod and burnt orange. Tailor this color according to your lighting. If you want the color to seem blue, add more light. In dimly lit spaces, its grayness comes forward. Here’s a pro tip — even after you paint your bedroom walls, you can change the appearance based on lighting with Indigo Batik

Get Cozy Sleepy Hollow 

This mid-to-light blue is cool and refreshing. Sleepy Hollow has hints of yellow and gray undertones, perfect for pairing with bedroom furniture and decor or any color. This gentle and dreamy shade can be the lone star of your bedroom, or you can try covering the walls with artwork and greenery that accentuates this color.

calming blue paint colors for your bedroom

Coastal Oasis with Sea Salt Blue

If you’re accustomed to white walls, Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams is an excellent first step into the world of color. This light green-blue is a highly versatile neutral, giving you lots of flexibility with your home decor. Depending upon the lighting and surrounding colors, it may look more green, gray, or even white. So, if you love changing your bedroom furniture and style, this light blue will evolve with you. 

Soothing Have with Hyacinth Tint

Want to step outside the box with your blue tones? Light blue meets light violet in this restful, periwinkle-like hue. If you like rearranging your bedroom decor seasonally, Hyacinth Tint is relevant in all seasons. It mirrors autumn at twilight, hyacinths in the spring, summer blooms, and snowy winter hues. 

How to Choose a Paint Color

Choosing a paint color can feel overwhelming — but with help, it’s not! The key is to call the professionals to discuss the correct color options for your needs and ensure the job is done right. 

Start by gathering paint samples of the colors you’re considering. Evaluate how they coordinate with your bedroom’s accessories, flooring, and other features. To create a sense of cohesion, you can use the same blue for multiple rooms in the house.

As denim goes with everything, so can blue walls, especially if they’re muted and not too bold. Relaxing paint colors for the bedroom should be understated. That’s why blue can function as a neutral. 

Generally, match warm whites with blues that have warm undertones. Similarly, cool blues pair well with brighter whites. Typically, dark colors make a bedroom feel more cave-like, whereas light blues make the area more spacious.

Do you love the idea of calming blue paint colors, but only for a part of the room? An accent wall is a good compromise. Choose an accent wall with a natural focal point, such as the wall behind your bed’s headboard. Accent walls are typically a saturated color, not pale. Opting for accent wall painting services is a good idea to add visual interest to a bedroom. If the bedroom already has enough visual stimulation, save the accent wall for a different room.

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