Kid Bedroom Painting Ideas: Creative Paint Guide For Kids Space

kid bedroom painting ideas
July 18, 2023
By Fresh Coat


Kid Bedroom Painting Ideas: How to Choose Flexible Color Palettes For Kids As They Grow

Often, the first thought about kids’ room color ideas is to go bold and bright. Naturally, you want their space to be fun and lively, where they will enjoy playtime. However, too much color in a child’s bedroom can be a mistake. 

While a fun and creative environment is excellent, the bedroom must also be where children can relax and prepare for sleep without distractions. 

Also, consider that an overload of vibrant colors may not last the test of time. As your child’s tastes and preferences change, they might soon outgrow the princess pinks and racecar reds. 

The best kid bedroom painting ideas balance playful and calm and provide some versatility in design options. Thinking beyond traditionally gendered hues will open up a new world of colors for you and your child to explore. 

5 Creative Kid Bedroom Painting Ideas

The first step in deciding on a painting idea for kids’ rooms is to think about the paint’s finish. Children’s spaces receive more wear and tear than other rooms in the home. You and your child will enjoy their room more if you’re not worried whenever a crayon leaves the box. 

Make sure to choose paint products that are washable and wipeable. Avoid flat finishes. Although they look great in rooms with plenty of light, flat paints are the most difficult to keep clean. 

Satin and semi-gloss are the two best options for covering large areas. Both of these finishes are easy to clean. Consider a high gloss paint to add pop to an accent wall or give a unique piece of furniture a glamorous makeover. Whichever type of finish you select, use only high-quality paint known to be durable. 

1. Paint a Zone

Using paint to designate specific zones in a child’s room adds a sense of fun to the space while still keeping things simple. Consider the room’s different areas and how the child will use them. 

For example, you can take advantage of a room’s architecture by painting an alcove or dormer area in a different color than the rest of the room. Set up a reading or hobby space in that “zone” to signify its particular use. 

If the room has no special features to highlight, create one. Paint an oversized geometric shape on a wall and use it to anchor a desk, bed, or play area. 

2. Keep It Soft 

Pastel colors are popular baby room paint ideas because they create a sense of tranquility for newborns. 

Traditional pink or blue baby rooms can be lovely, but you might soon find yourself repainting as your toddler begins to exhibit their own interests. Soft tones of gray, taupe, tan, and cream provide a soothing backdrop to a room that can easily be updated with accessories as the baby grows. 

kid bedroom painting ideas

3. Stripes for the Win

Stripes provide excellent design impact and are a clever solution for putting together a kid’s room on a budget. Broad horizontal lines make a small space look bigger. Because they provide a punch of visual interest, they eliminate the need for wall decor or other accessories. 

Stripes work as both girl’s and boy’s bedroom painting ideas. Make them bold with contrasting colors, or keep the design subtle with tone-on-tone stripes. 

kid bedroom painting ideas

4. Paint a Mural

Murals create a focal point for a room, and they can reflect your child’s hobbies and interests. A bedroom mural doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Use stencils and simple geometric shapes to create an outdoor landscape, a sky full of stars, or a scene from their favorite book. 

5. Paint a Headboard

A painted headboard is perfect for personalizing your child’s room on a budget. Keep your design simple and scale the size similarly to the dimensions of a traditional headboard for the best effect. Even a basic block of color can provide a touch of personality, and you can easily paint over it when your child’s tastes change.

Kids’ Room Paint Color Ideas

There are many kids’ bedroom painting ideas to consider, and creating a unique space for your child is easy. The hard part may be choosing paint colors they will enjoy now and as they grow older. 

kid bedroom painting ideas


You may need to see the big picture if you think beige is boring. Beige is a neutral color that plays well with almost every other color and will fit into dozens of design themes. A soft, warm tone of beige works just as well for a princess room filled with pink and white accents as it does for a nature-themed bedroom or a teen hangout. 


Teal is bold and perfect for an accent wall or zone space. Teal works well with all neutrals, even pink, lavender, or orange. Consider teal for boys’ rooms painting inspiration instead of more traditional blues, or combine monochromatic shades of teal to bring sweet dreams to any child. 

kid bedroom painting ideas

Light Gray

Pastel gray is another soothing neutral that looks great with almost all colors. A paint scheme of soft grays, pinks, and creamy whites would please any princess. Pair gray with a pale orange for a child’s room with a modern flair, or keep it fresh with a combination of gray, green, and white. 

kid bedroom painting ideas


Pure white can be stark, especially in a child’s room, but shades of cream, ivory, and vanilla add the warmth you want for a young person’s bedroom. A cream-colored room will grow with a child for many years. This classic neutral works with almost any design aesthetic and makes an excellent background for bolder colors if your child wants them in the future. 

kid bedroom painting ideas

Denim Blue

Don’t limit blue to a boy’s room. Denim blue is as versatile as a pair of jeans. It can be fun, frilly, bold, or subdued. To make denim blue sing, use accents in a complementary orange color and sprinkle in white splashes. For a softer look, pair a light denim tone with pale yellow or a golden beige.

kid bedroom painting ideas

Black and White

Consider black and white if you’re looking for a baby room paint idea that looks tailored and modern. White walls with black trim or a white-on-white room with a single black accent wall are striking and simple. Add more color with accessories, keep it simple, and let your child’s personality be the star. 

kid bedroom painting ideas


If you love the idea of lavender for a kid room’s paint but worry it’s too precious to outlast toddlerhood, a cool shade of lavender might be the answer. Lavenders with a blue or gray undertone look more modern than their pinkish cousins. For interest, combine a cool lavender with cool colors like blue or green. 

kid bedroom painting ideas

Olive Green

We get it; olive green might not be the first color that pops into your head when thinking about kids’ room paint ideas, but why not? A light shade of olive green makes a perfect neutral for painting with bright colors like orange, pink, or gold. Combine olive with other neutrals like tan, beige, gray, or white for a soft natural look. 

kid bedroom painting ideas

Sunflower Yellow

Yellow might be the cheeriest of all kid bedroom painting ideas. Almost all shades of yellow will add pizzazz to a child’s room, but sunflower yellow is rich and vibrant. Paint a sunflower yellow accent wall or use it to create a zone. To keep this color from overwhelming a space, tone it down with accents of gray and cream. 

kid bedroom painting ideas

Dusty Rose

Pink is probably the most popular toddler girls’ room paint idea, and for a good reason. Pink is sweet, feminine, and nostalgic. But even the most darling little girls can outgrow pale pink quickly. Dusty rose is a more versatile version of pink that can outlast the tutu years and grow into a room for a sophisticated young lady. 

kid bedroom painting ideas


A touch of metallic silver or gold will add visual interest to your child’s room. Metallics are highly reflective and excellent for adding light to a dark or small space. Consider a wall with gold stripes or silver stars. Use metallics to highlight unique pieces of furniture, or paint the ceiling with a metallic tone for an unexpected surprise. 

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