The Top Cool Summer Colors to Refresh Your Home

cool summer colors
June 5, 2023
By Fresh Coat


16 Cool Summer Colors to Bring Outdoor Warmth Inside Your Home

Refreshing the interior paint of your home can bring you immense joy. Homeowners who undertook this task last year reported a profound sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, leading to an increased desire to spend quality time within their homes. It’s remarkable how a simple coat of paint can have such a transformative effect. Concrete evidence supporting this claim comes from a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

According to the survey, over 80% of the homeowners attested to experiencing these positive outcomes. Furthermore, they bestowed a perfect Joy Score of 10 out of 10 upon the act of painting the entire interior of their homes. Undoubtedly, this is undeniable proof of the happiness they derived from completing such a project.

You, too, can experience this profound happiness. By giving your home a paint refresh, you will uplift your spirits and enhance its overall appearance just in time to embrace the warmth of the upcoming summer season.

To assist you in getting started on this exciting endeavor, this article will showcase the trendy and refreshing cool summer colors for your living space. Discover the perfect hue that resonates with your home’s interior, allowing you to create an inviting and delightful atmosphere.

Interior Painting: The 16 Best Colors for Summer

Spring cleaning can create a light feeling throughout your home as you remove unwanted items. It’s also the perfect time to uplift your newly decluttered space with a coat of paint in time for the new season. You must choose from a palette of summer colors to brighten your home. 

But what are summer colors? They are the colors that reflect the elements of the year’s warmest season. These often include the sun, fruit-laden trees, and warm waters. Each of these characteristics boasts an array of color hues that can beautify your home. Here are a few summer-time colors you may want to consider.

summer time colors

1. Sky Blue

What says summer more than a clear blue sky? It’s the reason sky blue is first on the list. It’s a soft blue that’s soothing, fresh and can lighten the mood in any room. It’s great for a bedroom and can put you in the right frame of mind for a restful night’s sleep. For added vibrancy, choose bright accent colors to balance the softness of this pale blue.

summer time colors

2. Jade Green

Green jade stones symbolize balance, gentleness, harmony, and serenity. These attributes have also become synonymous with the color making it a lovely choice for any room in your home. This shade of green is also reminiscent of the Caribbean, a feeling you’ll want as you enjoy the warmth of the summer. If you want to bring the tropics into your home, add exotic plants to a jade green room to complete your tropical setting.

summer time colors

3. Blush Pink

When thinking of cool summer colors, don’t limit yourself to the more obvious choices of blues, greens, and yellows. There’s another beautiful element of the season that you might overlook. The myriad of colors found in a summer sunset creates an extensive palette all on its own. Although vibrant, you can choose a hint of one of them and infuse it with white. Blush pink is a perfect example of this. It’s the ideal mix of warmth and serenity but can be playful depending on your decor.

cool summer paint colors

4. Marigold

Ready to bring the warmth of summer into your home? Start with paint colors for sunny rooms. Marigold, although the name of a flower, it’s also a shade that many compare to the color of the sun. It’s a blend of a deep yet sunny yellow with hints of orange that can create vibrancy in any room. White accents, including molding, can make a stunning contrast. But don’t be afraid to use black accents as well. Most importantly, like the sun, it will surely brighten your home.

Cool summer colors

5. Pale Mauve

This pale purple color lies between violet and pink on the color wheel. It’s often overlooked as an option when considering paint colors for homes. However, it can be a surprisingly appealing choice for summer. This stunning shade is a refreshing accent color. A mauve door or furniture piece will make a bold statement. It’s sure to start a conversation among your guests, as they admire your unique color choice. 

summer time colors

6. Light Turquoise

Turquoise waters are arguably synonymous with summer. It’s one of the reasons it’s such a popular color on this seasonal palette. If you can’t enjoy a summer getaway, replicate it in your home. When recreating the ambiance of a summer house, paint colors such as light turquoise are a must. Turquoise is a vibrant color, but a lighter version of this hue can be soothing. Pair it with darker shades of blue and wood tones for a truly nautical vibe. All you’ll miss is the ocean breeze and the crashing waves to complete your vacation retreat.

summer colors

7. Flamingo Pink

It’s no surprise that two popular summer destinations, Florida and the Bahamas have the flamingo in common. They’re year-round residents in the former and the national bird of the latter, and they enhance both landscapes. Although considered a mild pink, the flamingo has a zest of its own and will liven up your home. If you’re uncertain whether you want to make such a bold statement by painting an entire room with it, use it as an accent. Even a touch will make the space stand out for all the right reasons.

cool summer colors

8. Tangerine

Although not a summer fruit, Tangerine is one of the bolder choices on the summer palette. However, it can be nicely balanced if complemented with the right colors. You can also experiment using modern designs and patterns to display this color with a more stylish flair. Consider tangerine geometric patterns, shades of blue and orchid, or hints of yellow and blue. The result is a modern take using a daring color.

cool summer colors

9. White

This may seem like a ‘safe’ choice, but bright white is one of the best options for cool summer colors. It’s classic, and you can use it to design any look. Simply select the accent colors, materials, and textures based on your desired vibe. What’s even better is that white isn’t limited to one season. It’s timeless and an ideal backdrop that will allow you to change the look of any room in your home for every season.

cool summer colors

10. Sage Green

It’s understated on its own, yet classy. Sage green is also soothing and cool. If you love this color but want to turn it up a notch, choose bright, bold colors such as turquoise and pink accents to uplift the room. This can completely change the vibe from demure to playful. The great thing is that you can choose either depending on your mood.

cool summer colors

11. Indigo

It’s not surprising that indigo is often mistaken for a deep blue or a deep violet. Neither is wrong. It’s an interesting yet classic shade that is a notch between blue and violet on the color spectrum. Depending on the lighting in a room, its hue can seemingly change from one to the other. It’s what makes this color so distinct and an excellent choice for any home. Its richness is reminiscent of royalty, so don’t be afraid to let your decor reflect this. It also goes well with many accent colors, including turquoise. It might be an option you want to consider when creating your beach getaway described in #8.

summer time colors

12. Buttercream

Summer paint ideas don’t always have to be bright or even bold. What makes a hue an option for summer is the feeling it creates in a space or room. If a color creates happiness and a sense of radiance, chances are, it’s a summer color. That’s why buttercream is on this list. It’s white with a hint of yellow. But even a little yellow goes a long way and creates a sunny feeling within any room. You can make it livelier with bolder colors to balance its subtlety. 

cool summer colors

13. Pale Green

Pale or seafoam green is a versatile color you can use throughout your home. It’s subtle and soothing and works well on walls or furniture. It can make a room feel airy yet bright. You can enhance this mood even more with the accent colors you choose for the decor within the room. Pink, brown, blue, gray, or yellow are some contrasting colors you might want to consider.

cool summer colors

14. Pale Purple

Don’t let the name fool you. Its paleness in no way diminishes the effect it can have in a room. This shade of purple is a fantastic backdrop to highlight other fun summer colors and earth tones. Try burnt orange, lilac, and shades of brown or deep violet against this warm shade. These can uplift the room by bringing the beauty of the colors of summer into your home.

cool summer colors

15. Coral

Summer is the time of year most people enjoy the beach. Elements of the ocean are often a reminder of this beautiful season. So, it’s not surprising that coral is on this list. Pink isn’t always an obvious choice for the walls of a home. However, this shade of pink can add a playful yet sophisticated vibe to any room. It’s also a color that provides you with many options. Pair it with black or white furniture, metallic prints, or marble. The possibilities are endless, and the result will be amazing.

cool summer colors

16. Orange

Trees laden with fruit are often reminiscent of summer escapades that involved climbing them to enjoy their bounty. Many colors on the summer palette contain the rich colors of some of these fruit. Although not in season during the summer months, orange is a popular summer color. It creates a vibrancy and warmth that can light up any room. It’s also heavily depicted in almost every summer sunset. You can take a hint from this fusion and pair it with some of the other colors of the sunset. This will be sure to energize that special room in your home.

Your Summer Dream Home Awaits

Traveling to exotic locations is great for a taste of summer. However, creating this mix of happiness, serenity, and warmth in your home is also easy. You simply need to paint your interior walls with cool summer colors

Creating a summer oasis within your home requires a few essential elements: selecting the perfect colors, finding suitable decor, and incorporating complementary accents. While it may seem like a challenging task, you can trust the interior house painters at Fresh Coat Painters to lend a helping hand and make the process easier. 

With their extensive knowledge and expertise, they can guide you through the multitude of options available, ensuring that your summer sanctuary is beautifully transformed into a tranquil and inviting space.

We’ll guide you through the paint selection process, ensuring you choose the right colors for every room. Then you can relax while our expert painters transform your home, one space at a time. We guarantee a hassle-free experience. Get started today! Contact us for a FREE quote!