Pastel Colors For Rooms: Home Interior Color Design Ideas

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June 28, 2023
By Fresh Coat


Pastel Colors for Rooms: Transform Your Interiors With These Timeless and Calming Colors

A Fresh Coat of paint is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to transform a room. Did you know color can also impact your mood? Color affects everyone differently, but according to color psychology, warm, cool, bold, and pastel colors all influence how you feel in a space. For example, a blue pastel bedroom may help induce calm and relaxation.

Whether considering pastel colors for rooms in your home because you enjoy their calming effects or simply because you love their soft, airy appeal, you’ll appreciate these tips for choosing and decorating with the perfect pastels. 

pastel colors for rooms

5 Ideas for Pastel Aesthetic Rooms

A pastel color is a pale tint of any primary or secondary color. Because it has a lower intensity of color saturation, pastels are great for adding a sense of light and making any room feel bigger. Don’t let the mild nature of pastels fool you. A pastel room can still be bold and exciting with the right design. 

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1. Go Blue

If you want to create a serene pastel bedroom or are looking for ways to make a small bedroom feel larger, you can’t go wrong with pastel blue. Light shades of blue strike the right balance between casual and elegant. For use in an adult or modern space, choose shades of blue with a green or gray undertone. 

Gray lends a gravity that prevents the color from looking too childish. On the other hand, if sweet and playful is what you’re after, pastel blues with a slightly red undertone is the perfect choice. 

pastel colors for rooms

2. Clean and Green

Green is one of the most versatile pastel colors for rooms of any size. The light tone naturally makes a room look more significant, and bringing in a touch of nature’s most abundant color provides instant freshness. Consider pastel green for a clean look in your laundry room or bathroom or to lighten up a kitchen with too many heavy elements. 

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3. Fall in Love with Lavender

If you’re looking for sophistication in your room decor, consider a pastel shade of dusty lavender. Layering several shades of lavender in the same room is even better. Choosing fabrics, paint, wallpaper, and other accessories creates visual interest in a single-color family. Cool lavenders with a blue tone and warm lavenders containing a touch of red can work together if you apply some finesse. First, make sure all shades are similar in their color saturation levels. 

Pastels with a gray undertone are more modern and mix well together. Limit additional colors to keep the room from becoming too busy. Adding soft whites and other soft neutrals will give the eye a calming resting place. 

pastel colors for rooms

4. Officially Orange

Orange is one of the most cheerful colors on the color wheel, but it’s often overlooked in home design. Vibrant orange can have a retro look that isn’t always appealing, and too much of this energizing color can be overwhelming. A soft orange may be the right color for a pastel living room or other space that inspires your creativity. 

Light shades of orange can also be elegant and subdued. Combine pastel orange with gray and other earth tones for a more sophisticated look. Consider sunset tones of pastel orange if you’re into beachy decor or want to add some interest to an all-neutral color scheme. Many shades of beige and tan already have a light orange undertone. 

5. Cheerful Yellow

There’s just something about a yellow room. Yellow is traditional and homey, but with so many different shades to choose from, it can also be modern and bright. 

When exploring the possibilities of pastel yellow, don’t forget to include shades in the cream and vanilla families. Many shades of white have a yellow undertone that could technically put them in the category of pastel yellow. 

Pair pastel yellow with white trim and bold furnishings for a crisp, clean look. Mix cool-toned neutrals with soft yellow for something more traditional in a pastel living room

Unique Pastel Room Ideas

Mastering pastel room decor isn’t as difficult as you may think, but unless you’re an experienced interior designer, you may need some guidance to create those wow-worthy moments in your home. Bold colors create exciting designs, as do pastel paint colors. Check out these ideas for unique pastel rooms your family will love living in. 

Pastel paint colors

Parisian Paradise

You can turn any room in the house into a private trip to Paris when you start with a coat of pastel pink paint. Choose a shade of pink with a gray or taupe undertone to keep the look polished and sophisticated. Mix and match traditional black-and-white fabrics for an authentic Parisian flair.

Texture and layering are essential for this style, but you can minimize the fuss and keep the look by skipping accessories with heavy lace and trims. Or go for it if that’s the effect you like. 

pastel colors for rooms

The Nature Lover’s Dream

If your idea of the perfect pastel room aesthetic must include at least one shade of green, try a nature design. Start with pale grass green walls and a pastel sky blue ceiling to simulate the feeling of being outdoors. Bring in furniture with various natural wood tones, botanical fabrics, and your favorite accessories to create an inspiring “outdoor” space indoors. 

Don’t forget the green plants. Living plants bring color and texture into a room and also help improve indoor air quality. A few reflective accessories placed strategically around the room will multiply the effect of natural light, adding to the ambiance during sunrise and sunset. 

Pastel Paint Colors

The Oceanside Bedroom Escape

There’s nothing as soothing as the sound of softly crashing waves outside your bedroom window. Not even the best pastel colors for bedrooms can replicate the serenity of a beachside bungalow. Still, you can bring some of your favorite tropical locations home with the correct decor. 

For the ultimate resort feel, combine pastel shades of lemon-lime and turquoise blue with wicker/rattan furnishings in natural tones. Paint trim in a creamy white to balance the bright colors. Keep accessories minimal for an easy, restful look. A stack of travel books and a small collection of colorful shells placed thoughtfully throughout the room is all you need. 

pastel colors for rooms

Dreamy Blue Kitchen

Who says kitchens can’t have a romantic appeal? Instead of doing a complete (and costly) remodel, paint all the woodwork in your kitchen, including those vintage cabinets, in a pastel shade of Robin’s egg blue. Pastel aesthetic rooms are a great starting point for all types of decor. Pastel blue builds the foundation for a nostalgic look that is also fresh and clean. 

Colorful fabrics, cafe curtains, and light-toned wood accents combine for a romantic, yesteryear appeal that a grandmother would be proud of. For even more vintage charm, use wooden or ceramic bowls and vases filled with produce and garden flowers for accessories. 

pastel colors for rooms

Let Fresh Coat Painters Handle the Painting for You

Choosing pastel colors for rooms isn’t difficult, especially with many beautiful colors, but getting that paint on the wall is another story. Painting is hard work despite how easy those DIY commercials make it seem. Moving and covering furniture, protecting floors, and preparing walls are just the start of the process. 

Precision painting takes skill and practice. Even the most gorgeous pastel shade can’t shine if you have an inferior paint job. Fresh Coat Painters is here to do the job for you and do it right. 

Our experienced interior house painters can do it all, from interior wall painting to cabinet refinishing. We deliver fantastic results, even if you want a single pastel accent wall. No job is too big or too small. Call Fresh Coat Painters today for a free estimate. We’ll help you bring your pastel dreams to life.