Fall Paint Colors: House Paint Color Guide For Warm & Cozy Feel

July 18, 2023
By Fresh Coat


Fall Paint Colors: Make Your Home Feel Warm and Cozy With These Color Ideas

There is something soothing about fall paint colors. They are warm, inviting, and fill the senses with memories of golden light and rustling leaves. If autumnal tones inspire you and you wish you could live in the season of pumpkins and pecan pie 12 months a year, bring fall into your home with a rich color palette. 

Refining your painting color schemes can be daunting with so many fall color palettes for painting. There are three basic ways to choose harmonious fall paint colors:

  • A monochromatic palette (many shades of the same color)
  • A complementary palette (colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel)
  • An analogous palette (groups of colors that sit next to one another on the color wheel)

Whether you’re looking for fall colors for bedroom remodels or to spice up a dull kitchen, these three paint palette ideas will help you make color choices that will stand the test of time.

The Best Fall Paint Colors

The joy of decorating with fall colors doesn’t have to be limited to a few weeks a year. The deep and vibrant hues nature displays in autumn are gifts you can enjoy anytime. If you need inspiration for choosing autumn paint colors, cozy up and take a leisurely fall stroll through our suggestions. 

1. Orange

You can’t discuss fall colors for living room design without including orange. From the burnt orange of autumn leaves to the cheerful orange of a classic Jack-o-lantern, orange is the language of the season. To help any shade of orange stand out, incorporate soft neutrals like cream or sand into your design. 

fall paint colors

2. Mustard

Mustard may not be the first color name that pops into your head when thinking about fall paint colors, but maybe it should be. The spicy golden hue would create a vintage look in a bedroom or sunroom. 

fall paint colors

3. Red

Skip the cheery Christmas tones and think of bricks, falling leaves, and plump red-orange pumpkins. A little red goes a long way. Reserve it for high-impact areas like an accent wall in the kitchen, a front door, or wainscotting in the dining room. 

fall paint colors

4. Stone

Not every color in your fall palette must be saturated to invoke that autumnal feeling. The serenity of stone gray is reminiscent of a stormy fall sky and gives the eye a place to rest in a colorful room. Use stone in an entry, hallway, or stairway to serve as a transitional color from one floor to the next. 

fall paint colors

5. Indigo Blue

If your idea of a perfect fall outing is a weekend at the lake, include deep indigo blue in your fall color wheel. The rich tones of indigo are reminiscent of still waters without reading like summer at the beach. Use accents of indigo in the bathroom or kitchen for an unexpected splash of color. 

fall paint colors

6. Slate Gray

Shades of dark gray can help anchor your color palette and add a touch of sophistication. Try slate gray on kitchen cabinets that need refacing or as the trim color in a warm, modern living room. As a neutral, gray will work well with any other fall paint colors you want. 

fall paint colors

7. Olive Green

Several shades of green work well in a fall color palette for painting interiors or exteriors. Olive green may be the most versatile because it is neutral and welcoming. Olive is a warm color. It complements dark wood tones and looks great in a traditional living room or dining room with lots of wood trim or furnishings. 

fall paint colors

8. Moss Green

Moss green ranks a close second to olive green when it comes to versatility. Consider painting cabinets or kitchen walls in moss to highlight materials like metallic finishings, marble, and wood. 

fall paint colors

9. Cream

If you prefer changing out accessories to get your fall colors every year, use a neutral shade of cream as the primary color in any room. Unlike stark white, it has a warm undertone that goes well with an autumnal palette. 

fall paint colors

10. Caramel

Like the candy it’s named for, caramel is buttery and sweet. Do you love fall color living rooms or family rooms? Consider covering the walls in a light to medium shade of caramel. This color also works well in a small room. It adds light without overwhelming a small space with too much pigmentation. 

fall paint colors

11. Taupe

Taupe is a balanced blend of gray and tan. Almost every color looks good with taupe, so it’s easy to use as a primary color or accent. Paint a gallery wall in taupe for a neutral but exciting background that won’t distract from family photos. 

fall paint colors

12. Chocolate Brown

Include chocolate brown in your fall paint colors to highlight an architectural feature like a wood-paneled wall or brick fireplace surround. Dark brown is casual, earthy, and cozy. Use it in a room where you want people to feel relaxed and at home. 

kid bedroom painting ideas

13. Cinnamon

The toasty orange tones of cinnamon play incredibly well in a kitchen. Cinnamon with more brown tones adds a sophisticated flair, while hues that lean toward the orange spectrum are more colorful. Consider cinnamon in a room with plenty of natural light to show off its rich qualities.

fall paint colors  

14. Metallic Gold

Metallic colors don’t get a lot of love in interior painting, but a touch of metallic gold can make all the other colors in your fall color wheel shine. A metallic gold wall in the bathroom will add a sense of space and light.

fall paint colors

15. Purple

Like red, a little purple goes a long way but can add depth and glamor to your fall-inspired design. Choose a warm purple with a red undertone to complement other warm colors, or go with a cool purple with blue undertones if your favorite fall paint colors are in the gray or green family.  

fall paint colors

16. Sunflower

Sunflower yellow is bold and unmistakable. While also great in a summer palette, the rich golden hues of sunflowers make it perfect for your autumnal design. Create a cheerful kitchen with sunflower walls, or make the kids’ playroom their favorite place with splashes of bright yellow. 

Add the Fall Color Wheel to Your Home with Fresh Coat Painters

Choosing the right fall paint colors is the first step in transforming your home into the warm, welcoming space you desire. Fresh Coat Painters can help you refresh any room in the home. Our courteous professional house painters are here to make your fall paint dreams come true with the best painting services in the industry. 

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